Sunday, January 8, 2012

I thought this was a cool idea.
Luke with MomsToolbox
This is from Mom's Toolbox:

Want to help me spread more joy and kindness this year?

Random acts of kindness are awesome, but what if we could be intentional about these acts of kindness, and not let a week (or day) go by when we didn’t share some joy with those around us with kind gestures?

Robyn, a friend of mine from high school, celebrated her birthday one year by committing one act of kindness for each year of her life, all in one day. She had a blast making other people’s day and her tweets about it inspired me to celebrate her birthday with my own acts of kindness that day, too. (Now she has established an organization to help people to do the same.)

The opportunities for kindness are out there, and I have no doubt many of you are taking those opportunities each and every day. But sometimes, we might need a little push, a simple reminder, a kindness assignment. And together we can share a LOT of kindness!

That’s why I am launching Operation Intentional #Kindness.

Each Sunday, here on MomsToolbox, I will post 5 kindness assignments as a part of Operation Intentional #Kindness. Throughout the week it will be our mission (should you choose to accept it) to perform at least 3 of the kindness assignments posted.

These won’t be difficult. And because you’ll have 5 to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find a few that will be a cinch to do.

Then, each week, let me know how it goes. Report back in the comments so we know you’re in and making a commitment to be intentional about kindness.

If you have any of your own ideas of ways to show intentional kindness, please share them so I can add them to our list of assignments.

Bloggers, feel free to grab my button to use on your own sites and invite your readers to join us.

Check out Mom's Toolbox for this week's assignment. 

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