Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hopping Around 04.01.2011

Hello, that is me in black in white messing around with my Iphone.  Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog.  Please leave a comment and I will follow back. 
 This is me and my friend Lianne.  I want to say Happy Birthday to Lianne.  Thanks for making my life brighter with your crazy antics!! Love ya.

It is Friday (almost) and I am doing some hopping.  So, join me and hop around too.

Smart and Trendy Moms

A Mommy's Sweet Blog Design Friday Blog Hop

The A to Z April Challenge

It starts tomorrow.  Will you join us??

How does the Challenge work?

The premise of the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge is to post something on your blog every day in April except for Sundays. In doing this you will have 26 blog posts--one for each letter of the alphabet. Each day you will theme your post according to a letter of the alphabet.

You will only be limited by your own imagination in this challenge. There is an unlimited universe of possibilities. You can post essays, short pieces of fiction, poetry, recipes, travel sketches, or anything else you would like to write about. You don't have to be a writer to do this. You can post photos, including samples of your own art or craftwork. Everyone who blogs can post from A to Z.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This song has been running through my head for a few days now.  I always seem to get a song stuck in my head when I am dealing with something.  Maybe it is God's way of talking with me??   I absolutely adore David Crowder Band and how his emotion pours out the through the music.  It is so good to know we serve an AWESOME God that loves us no matter our transgressions.  At the end of this post, I clicked the SAVED button.  That SAVED button made me smile as I hummed this song and thought to myself, I am SAVED and oh How He LOves Us.  God Bless.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Swim Lessons and Coloring

Today we started swim lessons again for the girls at the YMCA.  Brady is sitting on the wall with bubble on her back and her arms up.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Sewing Machine is Working!!!

Abbi's sewing machine has been on the fritz for some time now.  I have been asking my dear, sweet coupon buddy, Lianne to fix it.  Well, she finally fit us in.  After getting her hair coiffed, she graced us with her "hot hair" presence and fixed the little problem.  Which was no problem at all, just me and Abbi are so inept when it comes to sewing we don't know how to thread the bobbin correctly.  Laugh all you want sewing gurus, the bobbin is my nemesis!!  Anyway, Abbi is happy as a clam and Brady wants a dress now.  So, whoo hoo!!  Thanks to my bestest friend with the "hot hair" Lianne Alice.

And... I had to throw this in.  I love taking pics and messing with the editing. I see this motel every time I pick the kids up from school.  I love the Psycho-ish feel of the sign so I had to snap it.  I love, love, love it.

Hope you are having a good beginning to the week.  Let's keep praying for the people in Japan and those battling DIPG.
God Bless,

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A cool idea...

Katie at The Cutting Back Kitchen always has cool freezer cooking recipes.  I have been looking for a store bought fruit cup alternative and I stumbled upon this really neat recipe.  They are called Frozen Fruit Cups.  I figure you can do any combination of fruit you like and I can throw it in the kids lunch and by lunchtime they have yummy fruit cup.  Easy peesy.  Check out her other recipes too.  Thanks Katie :)

Random Pictures

Last Sunday was a nice but chilly day. So, we went to the Pine River Naure Center for a hike.

Lianne and Abbi hiking.

Profile of Brady


Tranquil Water

Pine River Barn



Brady blue eyes. (I am experimenting with edits)

Brady by the barn.

Brady by the river.


Ice on the river.

Brady making banana nut bread.

Another big snow storm.

Heavy snow on trees.

Snow branches.

Abbi blue eyes.(more messing around with edits)

Sunday morning bible study.

Hope you are having a blessed weekend.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday...

Fill in the blank friday.  Check out Lauren's blog, The Little Things We Do to link up and participate.

Ok, Friday is almost over and I am a little late with this, but it looks fun.  So, here it goes.

1. My most prized possession is my IPhone.  I know, shallow.  But it holds all of my 3,000 pics of my kids and keeps me in touch with my hubby while I am at work.  I love that thing.

2. If I could be one age for the rest of my life, I would want to be 25.  The year I married my husband and it was the best time of our lives.  We went off to college together and made so many great memories together before we started our family.

3. The best way to spend a weekend is being lazy at home with the family.  Watching movies, making cinnamon rolls and coffee and just snuggling together.

4. My outlook on life is that life is a learning experience.  I am always learning from my mistakes and boy do I make a lot of mistakes.  I am hoping that I am improving from the lessons that I have learned, but that doesn't always seem to be the case.  I am a work in progress.

5. If you want to annoy me, just LIE.  I can't stand liars and have no time for people that entertain that way of living.

6. I am completely defenseless when it comes to chocolate, diet coke and coupons.

7. When dressing for the day one should be comfortable.

One horrible week

I  think I am going through a little "blogger  block" right now.  Feeling uninspired, fatigued, and lost for words.  This week has included more snowy weather,  unruly potty training child, horrible work week, lingering sinus crud, and just overall blahness.  Ok, I am done.  No more complaining.  I have no right to complain when so many others are experiencing so much worse.  Please continue to pray for those affected in Japan and those battling DIPG (a form of brain cancer, that is always fatal and always takes young ones).

Let's get going with a blog hop.  Nice to meet you and hope you can stay awhile and check out my latest giveaway.  God Bless.

Just Married with Coupons

Free Hot Samples


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Twin Sisters Books Review and Giveaway

Twin Sisters Productions is the collaboration of twin sisters, Kim and Karen.  For over 24 years, Twin Sisters Productions has been making quality educational and inspirational books and music resources for educators and parents.  

I instantly fell in love with the book we received to review.  My First New Testament Bible Stories includes a music CD to coincide with every bible story.  The book itself is padded and the pages are cardboard and durable.  Each story starts with a verse from the Bible, tells the story behind the verse, tells what song to play to accompany that story and 12 Life Application Lessons.  My 3 yr old loved the music, my 6 yr old loved the stories and my 10 yr old read us the stories (the 1.5 yr old sat on my lap and looked at the pictures).  I love that this book can bring all of my kiddos together and learn about the New Testament.  I would recommend this book, especially for the little ones.  I think the music CD makes it that more enticing because the song encompasses what you just learned in the story.  It is awesome.

Twin Sisters Productions has a multitude of other products for all age groups and types.  They have products to celebrate different seasons and holidays.  Homeschooling resources, puzzles, music CD's, and a variety of read and sing-a-long books. 

The generous people over at Twin Sisters Productions are giving 1 lucky winner their very own copy of My First New Testament Bible Stories.  What a great way to start any kiddo on the love of reading the Bible.

This giveaway will be open until 11:59 PM EST on April 2, 2011. At that time I will use to determine the winner. The winner will then be emailed and have 24 hours to respond, otherwise I will choose a new winner. This contest is open to U.S. residents only

Mandatory Entry: Include your email address, so I can contact you when you win!! (This entry must be done for the optional entries to count).

Go to Twin Sisters Productions and take a look around. Let me know what your favorite item is and comment about it. (1 entry)

Optional Entries:

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