Saturday, May 14, 2011

Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover...

This is my beautiful daughter Brady.  She is 3.  And is mischievous as they come!!  Most days I need an industrial size bottle of Xanax to deal with her debacle's.  Cute as a button, smart as a whip, and  plotting every second.

Love, love, love her spirit.  Heck, that is what her name means.  Spirited ONe.  And boy is she.  I am just asking for a little dosing down on the amount and quantity of spirit. Hehe.

Here is a sampling of a Day in the Life of Brady.

Any suggestions of dealing with poop smearing issues, would be greatly appreciated.
Brady and I at the beach taking pictures.  She didn't want her picture taken, so mom got a mouth full of sand and rock.  Yumm.

Brady's first haircut by Brady.  Need I say more.  Love the scratches by the eye.  The cat loves her too.  The cat hides until she knows it is safe to come out (aka bedtime).
The pile of hair she so lovingly spread throughout the house.

Hitting her brother, while she wasn't supposed to be on the computer.

The only picture of this swimming lesson,(which wasn't even the lesson) before she was kicked out of class 10 minutes later.  She kept taking off on the instructor and swimming away.

Love this one.  The look after she de-stuffed her teddy bear.  Styrofoam and cotton stuff was everywhere.  She would do that with every stuffed animal within her vicinity.

This is what you get when her breakfast order is not right.  All gussied up in her princess attire 24/7.

Love this girl, but man they say Terrible Two's... I say Horrific Three's!!  I don't have pictures of the latest and greatest Brady scandal.  She was pretty much potty trained.  Then she started pooping in her undies, on the floor, in the bed.. wherever she wanted.  Uh uh, momma not taking that!!  Then you are going to wear a diaper at night and back on with the backwards PJ's ( we had to do this when she was a baby for the same reason).  Now, she gets the PJ's off and takes off the poopy diaper and either tries to wipe with baby wipes or scoots her butt on the carpet, bed or whatever is convenient.  It is not pretty or fun lately. 

Needless to say, I pile on the enthusiasm and praise when she does make in the toilet and offer all kinds of rewards.  This works for awhile, but then the @#!% hits the fan (sometimes almost!!). 

Just a day in the life,  ugghhh.


Keena said...

OMWORD!!!! My hubby and I were thinking about having a chld, but I think you may have changed my mind. LOL...Dont know if I could handle the poop ordeal....LOL May God give you wisdom and patience. Seiously though, I do pray that God gives you the strength to deal with whatever Brady throws upon you.

Jeni said...

OH MY WORD OHY MY WORD OH MY WORD...if it wasn't well after midnight and I didn't have to stiffle my laughter I would laugh outloud so hard...this is all so awful but you make it sound so funny...I'm sorry that's an awful thing with the diapies Shelly! Just keep laughing so you don't cry!! haha love it! You're such a great mama!

Nicole said...

She is cute and the cutest kids are usually a handful, lol. It will get long as you are the adult in control of things.

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noreen said...

Oh my Shelley, you do have your hands full! She's a little girl who knows her own mind! Quite adorable too I must say.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I am cracking up! You definitely have the female version of my 3-year-old son! She is so completely adorable though.

We are also in potty training mode. I am grateful my son isn't spreading "it" around. I had a daughter go through that stage. Luckily, it was short lived. :)