Sunday, October 23, 2011


As I sit at the computer, I can hear my two oldest giggling upstairs in their room (they should be asleep) about who knows what.  But, I think how long before that moment fleets and the giggles are no more.  They grow up so fast and I feel like my time is limited with them.  Before you know it, they will be on their own.  Ok, I sound crazy, I know.  They are still little.  But if feels like time is passing so fast.  I just want to remember it all.

I love to see moments of my daughter being crafty, using her endless supply of creativity.

I love seeing her little sister following in her footsteps.  Moments of sharing and being creative.

Moments of Cullen expressing his LOVE for his trains.  How they just innately grow up loving certain things, amazes me.

First moments.  Her first dance lesson.  I couldn't wait to dress her up in her dance attire and neither could she.  But she has no interest in going back, she just likes the outfit. LOL.

Moments of strength.  Shane realizing that he is a good swimmer and finding his niche.

Moments of sharing and working together.  I love seeing them work together (without fighting) for a common goal.

Moments of brotherly/sisterly love.  She builds it and he plays with it.

Moments when we don't have it all together.

Loving moments.

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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I LOVED this post. It got me all teary-eyed. Your children are just beautiful. A great reminder for me to appreciate those moments. :