Thursday, June 16, 2011

Best Laid Plans...

She is just cute and diabolical all at the same time.

Isn't she cute, beautiful, adorable?  Why, yes she is, but she is also plotting for her next debocle.  I had just got home from work, a very long day that ended in a screaming match with a co-worker ( we are fine we hugged and made up)!! I just wanted a relaxing evening at home.  Little did I know these kiddos had other plans in store, plans that I was not on board with.  Crying, screaming, pouting, disobeying and talking back were some of our activities for the evening.  Finally I had enough and everyone was going to bed. It was 7:30.  So what, they were fed, washed up and I was soooo ready.. The hubs was out running errands, so of course I was here to handle what went down. Brady, after several attempts, spanked and unspanked finally went to bed.  

Wanted her picture taken before bed :)

The only time she is really good.  Sleeping at the dinner table.
But not to bed a minute later until she showed me this morsel.  What the heck??@@!!  Oh yeah, it is not a mouse or a turd, it is her hair mixed up with some silly puddy. I tried to untangle, but to no avail.  So, the scissors made an entrance and with one snip the culprit was gone and Brady was off to bed or else.  This story has not included my 10 yr old crying and whining about her punishment and my 6 yr old talking back, so hefty punishments were given out and I hope this isn't how we are starting our summer vacation.!!??


Kelly Pauley said...

Oh Shelley, Thanks for the laugh, I am not laughing at you, just that I have shared in this same type of situation. My goodness, silly putty really is the devil, it got stomped into my living room carpet, we now have a nice strategically placed rug in that spot, because it does NOT come out. I hope you finally got some relaxation....children, they leave us a bumbling, fragile train wreck at times.....yet they look so precious and innocent! Love ya Girlie!

Tractor Mom said...

Ain't it fun being Mommy?? That is just gross...but too funny!!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh no! That is a large clump of hair.

I am all for moving bedtime up earlier and earlier, especially after a day like that.

She is adorable. :)

Carolyn said...

Oh great! The things I get to look forward to :)
I love how you did the first picture, with blue eyes and the rest black and white.
Great post and thanks for sharing!