Monday, June 27, 2011

Feeling like cooking...

So, I must have had a bit of energy this evening, cuz I felt like cooking/baking.  I found out I received a free Red Box Code today so, on my way out I came across a little recipe book from some grocery store?? for Hummus (yummy).  Figured out what I needed and decided to pick them up while getting the Red Box.  As I was searching in the cabinet for the extra can of garbanzo beans I forgot to buy at the store (dah), I came across a can of Solo Poppy Seed filling.  Ding!  Hubby found the garbanzo beans, score!!  Made some killer hummus and bought some pita bread to go with.  Abbi and I ate it up (nobody else likes it).  Until we gave some to Cullen, He likes it! He Likes It!! 

I am totally all over the place on this one.  Anywhoo.  After our taco dinner, I noticed we had sour cream left over and I remembered the can of poppy seed filling and I am starting to sound like a Nancy Drew novel, so I thought I would make a Poppy Seed Bundt Cake. You know the recipe on the inside of the label.  Funny story there.  My husband's Nana always told him she had a very special recipe for her Poppy Seed Cake and one day she wrote down the recipe and gave it to me.  Whoo Hooo.  I couldn't wait to make it.  Then I noticed the label on the poppy seed can peels off and there is a recipe back there, wait!  The same exact recipe as Nana's!!  Nancy Drew all over again.  I broke the news to the hubbs, he could not believe it, but it is still Nana's recipe.  They just stole it.  Darn Solo people :)
I digress.  There was not enough sour cream for my cake tonight, but the hubbs was nice enough to get more.  How kind?? Did I tell you this is his favorite and I only make it at Christmas.  It felt a little like Christmas today, he he.  Did you know that Christmas is less than 6 months away??  Just thought I would tell ya. 

I must have had too much sugar today :0.  Had a nice night watching Gnomeo and Juliet with the kiddos, cute movie.  Now, I am off to bed to brave another day at work (blah).  Happy Tuesday (almost) everyone.
God Bless.
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Liz said...

Love hummus, love poppy seed bundt cake, and love Gnomeo! We just bought it. Sounds like an amazing day :)