Thursday, February 11, 2010

And Last but Not Least......Cullen

This is my youngest child, Cullen Seamus. He was born October 26, 2009. Cullen was a few weeks early and boy did he come in with a bang. My doctor and I decided to induce labor a few weeks early because I was Gestational Diabetes and his weight was off the charts(according to ultrasound). I also had polyhydraminos (too much fluid) with Brady, so my doctor wasn't taking any chances with this one!! The night before I was to be induced, I had a 103 fever, coughing, chills and couldn't hear out of my left ear (bad ear infection)!! I was miserable and even considered postponing the induction. But something inside made me want to go through with it regardless of the illness. Praise God that we did induce that day. Cullen was posterior, which made my labor that much more painful. I don't do the epidural thing and never had with any of the other three, my labors go pretty quick, so I just wait it out without pain meds. When he finally made it out into the world, he had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck twice and a "true knot" in the umbilical cord. I was told that this "true knot" is a cause for stillbirth!! What if I did wait until I felt better, or waited to my due date (2 weeks away)? I know now what that something inside was that was nudging me along!! And I just praise Him for allowing me to hold my son in my arms everyday, when the situation could have taken a turn for the worst.


LLJ said...

such beautiful children!
I didn't know that about your delivery of sweet Cullen. I thank God with you for his life!
Your Shane is such a fun boy too! I really enjoy him.
Your girls are very lovely too!

Mom of Many said...

Praise the Lord that he's healthy and praise the Lord that you listened to the Holy Spirit! He's beautiful! My first child was posterior and I don't do the epidural thing either. (I'm more scared of that needle in my back then of the pain.) The back pain was excruciating!! Thanks for stopping by my place. I'm your newest follower! Have a blessed weekend!!

Shelley said...

Thanks both of you for the very encouraging words. Have a great weekend!

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog. I enjoyed reading your blog and getting "to know" you.
Beautiful children!