Thursday, February 18, 2010


My Daybook for February 18, 2010
Outside my window...gray looking day
I am thinking...when will Abbi get home from Girl Scouts with all those cookies
I am thankful for...friends
From the kitchen...vegetable lasagna cooking
I am wearing...burgundy hoodie sweater, gray jeans
I am creating...a dinner masterpiece (not really, its Stouffers)
I am take a shower
I am to enter Danielle's super sweet giveaways
I am get through one more day of work
I am hearing...the Electric Company on PBS, kinda driving me nuts
Around the house...crayons, Brady has thrown them everywhere
One of my favorite things...picking up Shane today from school
A few plans for the rest of the week: marriage retreat, sorting girl scout cookies
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...Abbi making homemade laundry soap for her science project.


LLJ said...

I hope you enjoyed your dinner masterpiece! Ha! : )
Good for Abbi making laundry soap!
It made me SMILE when you shared one of your favorite things.
I hope tomorrow's work goes by quickly for you.
Yay, for your marriage retreat! I hope it is wonderful for you and John.

Shelley said...

You always have such wonderful words to say. Thanks. I hope your weekend is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Would you believe we didn't find a single Girl Scout to buy cookies from...we were dreaming of them the other night...

How'd the laundry detergent turn out???We tried that for a while, didn't smell as nice as Tide and Downy though!

Stouffers lasagna sounds really good...I'd need to buy 3 though, to feed us!

Shelley said...

Too funny. Wow not a single person selling Girl Scout Cookies?? The laundry detergent turned out very well. Her science project was to see which detergent worked better (store bought or homemade). Actually the homemade did a better job. Ha! The Lasagna was great, since I didn't have to cook. Have a great weekend Kathi and thanks for your comments.

Mountain Mama said...

Your Abbi is so cute! AND yes, our Abbi's do have the same "likes". How fun!