Saturday, February 27, 2010


My Daybook for February 27, 2010 (My how February flew by??)
Outside my window...bright with snow piled up on the front yard
I am thinking...about just having a lazy day
I am thankful for...God and how wonderfully He provides for our family
From the smells wonderful
I am hoody that says "Upper Peninsula", gray soft comfy pants
I am creating...laundry
I am pick up every cocoa puff that Brady throws on the floor
I am reading...Frugalicious Living (love this blog!!)
I am accomplish some laundry today
I am hearing...Cullen starting to fuss in his swing
Around the stuff and oh cocoa puffs
One of my favorite things...the weekend
A few plans for the rest of the week: maybe some cross country skiing, church
Here is picture for thought I am too youngest sitting on the couch together looking like they are having a conversation. Time flies by so fast and soon they will be driving. Slow down time and let me enjoy every moment!! OH, and another cute picture of Brady. She loves to dress up!!

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