Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Day In My Life ~ Saturday

It was a lazy Saturday around here today. Here is a few pics of our life on this very humid and warm Saturday.

We started the day off with some cinnamon rolls (I need some new cookie sheets??!!).

Brady with her usual poutty self when she is told no.

Cullen and his first bowl of oatmeal. Yumm, he loved it. He started grabbing the spoon from my hand.

Brady playing at the table, while she is supposed to be eating.

Got a few cortisone injections in my feet for some terrible plantar fascitits.

Brady and her breakfast.

I just love those little piggies poking out from under his seat. They are just so kissable.

My lilies are starting to bloom.

Shane being silly with his scooter.

Abbi in her new "modest" swim attire. We weren't very happy with the bathing suit from Old Navy and how it didn't cover certain places appropriately. Then a friend shared some revealing and eye-opening facts about girls dressing too sexy at this blog.

So, we found this cute little swim suit at Target for a steal :)

Our garden is starting to come up green. Here are a few of our tomato plants. Can't wait for salsa, marinara and oh I am learning to can.

Growing some tadpoles in the backyard.

Our doggie, Jasper. He looks pretty mangy, he is shedding the winter coat.

I hope everyone had a great and blessed day. Thanks for taking a peak into mine.
God Bless,
Shelley :)


LLJ said...

I enjoyed seeing your day, Shelley!
Such cute little tadpoles!
your poor poor foot!

I hope you had a great Sunday too! I slept almost all afternoon! Now I am AWAKE! haha! I hope I sleep cause Mondays coming! lol
I hope you have a good week!

Anonymous said...

I've stopped in a few times to see how you're doing...hope all is well, and you're just enjoying Summer.

Talk to you soon.