Friday, June 4, 2010

My Coupon Outing!!

Here are a few of my hot deals of the week!!

I have been looking high and low for a deal on theses 10 drawer rolling carts. We are going to start homeschooling in the Fall and we would like to use the Workbox System as explained by Confessions of a Homeschooler. I love all of her ideas and this one just seems like it will work for our family. I will let you know when we start. Anyway, sidetrack!! I found these wonderful drawer systems at JoAnn Fabrics online for $47.99 each, regular $79.99 and only $5 shipping (it was a special price for that week!!).

Today, my friend Lianne and I went on a coupon hunt for deals and we had a little dinner too. This is what I bought at Target. I will run down what I got.
Huggies regular $19.79. Had a $3 coupon(I forgot to use and I will take it back tomorrow) and a $5 gift card for buying all the SoBe water. So, diapers $11.79
Shout~regular $1.97 after coupon = 42 cents
Coppertone~ regular $7.44 after coupon = $4.00
Nexcare 20 ct bandaids ~ regular $1.89 after coupon = 39 cents
SoBe Water 10 for 10 and you get a $5 gift card, after coupons = $7.50

Then to Rite Aid:
1. Huggies regular $11.99, sale $8.99
2. 2 Mounds candy bars (already eaten by myself and husband) $0.88 each
3. Waterbabies sunblock regular $11.49, sale $8.99

After coupons and rebate = $5.02

Love, Love, Love coupon deals. Lianne and I had so much fun we were giddy with excitement!! Oh and we did stop by Meijer for some other deals. Have a great weekend!!
Shelley :)


*Michigan Momma* said...

Hey Shelley,
This looks like a wonderful idea! Isaac will be doing SOS next year, so he won't need this necessarily - but for the younger kiddos, before they go to SOS, this could be really cool. I'll have to keep my eye out for some good deals on these types of bins over the summer...

Thanks for the links~

LLJ said...

: )
I loved the pictures you posted on fb. You looked SO HAPPY! Lianne did too!

Kathi Bailey @ A Mother's Prayers said...

I do not know how to do coupons...please continue posting on it, maybe I'll learn something.

I love your new background...and the new header is absolutely gorgeous!

I will be emailing you tonight once the kids go to bed. I hope I did not hurt you with my post in any way. If I did, I am so sorry. I think about your situation often, and my heart longs for you to be able to stay home too. Please know that. You are right about the pain not being so bad because of your wonderful husband. Brian is the type, that if our "jobs" were flip-flopped, he would do the same thing as John.

Things will work out. It took us years to get where we are.

Talk to you soon

Melissa said...

wow!!! that's worth bein' "giddy" over for sure!