Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Grrrr! Computer Problems

It is Wednesday evening and I am without a computer!! It decided to crash when I was printing all my coupons for my big shopping nite with my CB :( Hopefully, I will be back up and running soon...for now it is me and my iPhone. Have a great night :)


Emma B. said...

I just gave you a Life is Good Blog Award! If you would like to accept just go to the post and read the details.

Emma B.

Melissa said...

bummer! hope you are up and running soon!

LLJ said...

:-/ Sorry! That is no fun!

But I am glad you have your phone so you can still post those great pictures/devotional times on fb! : )

Muriel said...

I hate computer problems!! Hopefully you will be back up and running soon!