Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday Blog Hop

Thursday Blog Hop!! Using the iPhone, so bare with me!!


Menopausal New Mom said...

Hi There Shelley,

Thank you so much for posting our cute Cafe button today to help spread the word.

I've been looking around your blog and you have a beautiful family

Thanks for finding me, I'm following you now :)

Joyful Housewife said...

Cute site! Beautiful family.

I am a new follower from Thursday's Friends and Giveaways.

Hope you have a great night.
-Melanie =0)
Joyful Housewife

TracePoo said...

Thank you for following my blog! I'm now following you back.

I'm sorry but I had to delete your comment in my blog post because it was in a giveaway entry... If you meant to enter the giveaway, please let me know. Sorry about that but I am trying to be fair to people who meant to enter the giveaway.

AAAND sorry for the long message, haha. Thanks for visiting! Stop by my blog for a chance to enter for a $50 Safeway gift card or 250 business cards!