Friday, January 28, 2011

Blog Hopping 01.27.2011

Hello, thanks for stopping by.  Stay for awhile and take a look around.  While you are here, don't forget to sign up for my giveaway, The DQ Blizzard Maker.  The giveaway ends 01/30, so sign up soon.  Thanks for checking out my blog and come back soon. God Bless.

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Sandy @ The Mommy's Place said...

Thanks for visiting, and some follow love. Thanks for following me :-)

The Sullivan's said...

Thanks for visiting The Sullivan Family blog!! I am happy to meet you and love your blog...i am your newest follower, have a blessed day :)

Teresa Choplin @ tchoplin2009(at)gmail(dot)com said...

Following you from the blog hop!
Love the information, you have here!
Please come check my blog out at
Have a great day!

KM said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and showing some love :) I am following you now! Yay for blog hops.


Jennifer said...

I'm your newest follower from Social Parade!

Let's Just Give It Away said...

Thanks for taking part in Following Friday! I am your latest follower! Have a great Friday!


Let's Just Give It Away

Just Another Hat said...

Hi. I'm following you back. Thanks for hopping over to Thanks for posting about the Pantene program. I usually donate to Locks of Love, but they require at least 10 inches (compared to 8 inches for Pantene). I know 2 inches doesn't sound like a lot, but my hair grows so slowly. Nice new "do," by the way.

kolfinnas korner said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I'll be back to yours to check it out more when I have a few extra minutes. :-)

Amanda said...

Thanks for stopping by this Life was Meant to Shine! I can see we have a lot in common! A love for Jesus, helping others, the same age sons & boy scouts to boot!
I'm a Den Leader for the Tigers & even though those boys wear me out, I love 'em a bunch!
Glad to follow you now!

Swati said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and showing some love :) I am following you back now!