Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Too Many Fun Deals!!!

I am having too much fun with the AWESOME deals online today!!  Go to Living Social and get a $20 card for only $10.  This offer is only good for the next 11 hours, so time is ticking.

Next, check out NoMoreRack.  This is an awesome on line site where you can buy deeply discounted items, such as this purse.  This Govali purse normally retails for $120, but NoMoreRack sells it for $24!!!  With a flat $2 shipping fee, you can't beat that deal!  They change the items everyday at 12 noon, so be prepared at 11:59, because items go fast!!  If you sign up now(it's free) you get a $10 gift card toward your next purchase.  Whhoo Hoo!!

Then I found a cool twitter page that has swagbuck codes to win you some extra swag bucks!!

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