Saturday, January 1, 2011

Museum and NYE

Thursday I left work early and me and the BFF took 3 of my kiddos and 1 of her's out for a fun afternoon. We first had lunch at McDonald's. The kids enjoyed that. Then off to our local museum for an exhibit they are featuring right now, Robot Zoo. This is pretty cool. They had certain animals exhibited shown as robots so you could see how their systems function. We started off with a bat show (no live bats, darn!!) where we learned about the details of the bat and made a bat puppet. Here are the kiddos starting on there puppets.
Shane's final puppet.

I love Brady's final puppet. It looks like it ran into a tree.

Shane stopping to pose with the resident robot.

Brady checking out the robot.

The girls posing for Lianne.

A robot of how a housefly works. Pretty cool.

This is a simulation of how it feels to walk like a fly. The blocks had Velcro on them and it stuck to the carpet. The kids loved this exhibit.

This was a pump station. It showed how a heart would pump fluid, how hinges are like these basic mechanical hinges and pumps.

We checked out the rest of the museum and Brady decided to steer the boat through the channel. Uggghh.

You can see what it is like to "see" like a bug.

Smashing bug games.

Cullen chilling on New Years Eve.

I had a house full of sickies (still) for New Years Eve! So our evening wasn't quite what we planned. We had planned to spend with evening with friends, didn't happen. We had planned to make ice cream and eat junk and watch movies, some of that happened. Abbi brought in the New Year with puking in the kitchen, great. I am ready for this illness to be done, they say it will last about 2-3 weeks, ok I am done with it.

Brady helping Cullen with his NYE hat.

Brady still wearing the hat the next morning.

Even though he is a sicky, he still is a smiley.

Shane in his hat.

Me messing around with photoshop.

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