Friday, January 28, 2011

I will follow you

Songs have been sticking in my head for a few days. The same song. I hear the lyrics in my head and I sing it to myself. I sit down and look it up on YouTube and really look at the words. The words telling the story of my relationship with God and how much it has developed in these 4.5 years. I love seeing his plan unfold for me and my family and how I live my life for Him.


Chase said...

Following you back! Thanks! :)

Rebecca said...

Thanks for following, will follow back.
Have a great weekend and love this song

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

I LOVE this song.... it speaks volumes to the life I want to live. It is getting a lot of air play on the local Christian station so I hear it almost every time I get in the car. :o)

David & Charlie Cates said...

I know what you mean when you get a tune in your head, some just wont leave until I go to bed.
Visiting from the Sunday Strolling hop. Please come and follow
Thanks and have a great weekend

Undeserving Grace said...

Ooooh I so know what you're talking about. And sometimes doesn't it feel as though God gives you a song that somewhat carries you through the storm or valley? Maybe it's just me but I have somedays that are trying and God plants a song that i'm singing no matter how bad it gets..over and over again.
{tara} from Undeserving Grace

Bonnie said...
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Bonnie said...

Shelley....funny that you have this song on here. The past couple of weeks it has felt like God is speaking to me through this song. It is always in my head and almost always plays on Klove when we are in the car. My son has never been one to sing along to songs on the radio. All of a sudden he started singing this OVER AND OVER yesterday! God is pretty amazing isn't he? I can't wait to read more about you and your sweet family! Following back from