Sunday, July 17, 2011

Splash Pad

Yesterday me and the 4 kiddos decided to do some garage sailing  (well I decided they had no choice) after that I took them to the Splash Pad.  My oldest protested vehemently that she did not want to go!! You guessed it, she had the most fun.

Abbi (the oldest) getting splashed by buckets.

Cullen not quite sure at first.

Shane and the squirt guns.

Cullen and Brady having fun inside the sprinkler.

These next few shots crack me up.  First you see Cullen and Abbi waiting for the bucket to splash.

Then it dumps.  Mostly on Cullen.

The after shot.  Cullen wanting out of there and Abbi laughing.  Priceless.

Cullen decided to sit out for the next few.  Ahh, the grass :)

My beautiful Abbi on the way home.

Shane in the sprinklers.  Too fun.

Love this one of Brady.

Shane getting dumped on again.

Then momma decided to take a Zyrtec because my allergies were bugging me.  Wrong move.  That medication does something fierce to me, I turn into mean momma.  We went home and sat in a cool cozy home and watched our Redboxes.  I feel asleep through the first one, Rango. That Zyrtec kicked me butt.  Note to self: no more Zyrtec.

Hope you are having a blessed and happy weekend.


Healthier And Wealthier said...

What fun! Never heard it called a splash pad before. Love that! Maybe Benadryl instead? Will that work?

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

You seriously got some GREAT shots. WOW, that is an added bonus to the kids having such a great time....

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

That splash park looks awesome! Your pictures look so fun too. Hopefully Cullen has recovered from his big splash. Ours is a little smaller, but you reminded me we need to go!

I use generic flonase for my allergies and will never go back--expect I'm out.

Keena said...

Looks like ya'll had a and refreshing!!!!