Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Morning in the Urgent Care

Shane woke up in tears this morning.  He tried to put weight on his right foot and was in a lot of pain.  He thinks he hurt himself on his scooter yesterday.  But, if you know Shane, this kid is constantly hurting himself.  He loves to run into things, trip over things and just not watch where he is walking.  So, we chalk it up to Shane being Shane.

Waiting for his xray.  He hated being in this wheelchair and could not sit still.

Getting his ankle xrayed.

Thinking this xray thingy was pretty cool.

Lining it up.

Maxing and relaxing.

Holding his leg in place, he was very fidgety.

PTL!! Nothing was broke.  Just a bad sprain.  They wrapped it up and sent us on our way.  Now, to keep him on the couch without hopping, jumping or running.  Yeah right. 

By the way, I work in the same building as the Urgent Care, so it was like going to work on Sunday.  Blah.  But, at least he is fine and resting on the couch.

Never a dull moment.


Cathey said...

I'm glad it wasn't hurt any worse!
And good luck keeping a boy still! Hope he heals quickly!

Keena said...

hope he gets better soon

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Thank goodness nothing was broken. Looks like he enjoyed his x-ray. Now if he would just enjoy his time on the couch--good luck! Hopefully, he heals quickly. :)