Wednesday, April 21, 2010

15 years

15 Years...

Well, tomorrow, April 22, 2010, Earth Day will be the fifteenth anniversary of when John and I first met!! I noticed a little something on the calendar when I flipped it over to April. He penned in the anniversary, how sweet and thoughtful of him!!

This man that I have called my husband for almost 14 years is my best friend, love of my life and biggest supporter. He has my heart and always will.

He is the best father to our children!! He is always there to listen and think rationally when I am no longer!!

He has forever preserved our love on the tree by where we were married. We were married on July 26, 1996 on his parents property under a gazebo overlooking the pond. It was beautiful.

You can barely see the John - n - Shelley on the bark.

We have begun our life in Christ together about 3 years ago and John has become such an amazing man in Christ. He mentors young men every Monday at our church. These young men come from some really difficult backgrounds and circumstances, and John is always there to lend a hand or just listen.

I love him more and more every day. Life isn't always peachy, but I know with John by my side, I know we can get through anything.

I am so glad I can call John my husband and I am so excited to see what God has in store for us.

Tomorrow John is taking me out for a trip through time and dinner. I will let you know all about it.

I love you, John and I always will!


LLJ said...

Oh, how romantic! I hope you really enjoy your time together!

Mom of Many said...

So sweet!! Hope you have fun on your date. I'm going to start homeschooling this Aug. I'm using a few different things for my 10 yr. old. I'm using Apologia for science, Rod and Staff for spelling and social studies, and Abeka for math and english.

Mountain Mama said...

Happy Anniversary!!
Enjoy your evening together - sounds very exciting. We want all details. Well - not ALL details. :-)

Jeni said...

Just precious!!