Monday, April 12, 2010

Not Having A Good Day!!

Ok, you are going to listen to me rant for a minute. I just need to and then it will be over. The day started off fine, saw a beautiful sunrise this morning on the way to work and thanked God for his beauty. Work was work and I survived!! Then I had a doctor appt after work for my ever aching feet. The news was not what I wanted to hear!! They took some x-rays of my feet and confirmed I have plantar fasciitis and heel spurs on both feet. Ok, I knew I had plantar fasciitis for awhile but it would usually subside after a week or so. Not now, it has been here for over a month and I hurt and I hobble, it isn't fun. Then I am given a referral to the podiatrist, where he will probably fit me for orthotics. These could run me anywhere from $250 to $400, oh and the insurance doesn't cover that!! (Great, why do I pay insurance premiums if they don't cover anything, just a question??) So, I leave a little miffed and deflated. I get home to my four kids and the babysitter. But, before I enter the home the neighbor across the street tells me that a boy down the street was shooting bebe's at my cat and he called the police. Oh, great. Where is my cat? Is it dead? One more thing to deal with. Hmmmp! Get in the house to my son sitting on the couch with a face that you know something is wrong. The babysitter told him not to be in the street and he did anyway!! Moving on, I start dinner. All the while, 2 of the 4 kids are crying, one is hungry and the other is teething. I am starting to lose it at this point and my head is throbbing. I call my husband to tell him about the cat, while he is tutoring high schoolers and I begin to cry!! I am sick of finances, neighbors, ailments, LIFE!! Then I see the neighbor girls leaving Abbi (my 9 yr old daughter) to go play somewhere else that I don't allow her to play, so now she is upset. There is one girl down the street that knows Abbi can not play at her house because I can not see her from our house. This little girl will come and play and then take all the kids to her house to play leaving Abbi behind, this upsets my daughter and me!!

Whew! That was long, sorry about that!! Anyway, my husband comes home to comfort me and help for a few. He has a young men's ministry on Monday nights, so he leaves tutoring, comes home and is back at church. His hug and kisses really helped. All the while, he is hugging me and I began to cry, my daughter Abbi sums it all up! She says, " God will provide, you must trust in him!!". Then my hubbs reminds me of the saying I put on the dry erase board that I need to put back up, "Worry Ends, Where Faith Begins!!". Enough said. My daughter is making chocolate chip cookies, and I am drinking my Diet Coke and two Excedrin Migraine have been ingested. Thanks for listening. Have a great day :)

Abbi my voice of reason. Love you Abbs!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you had a rough day, and your feet are hurting...who knew...with all the encouragement you leave me?!?

And, believe me, we know how it feels when your kids aren't aloud to do almost anything all the other kids are aloud to do (even kids from church)...rough road, but one we'll be thankful we traveled.

Hope tomorrow is better.

LLJ said...

Ouch : ( That must be so painful. I am so sorry, Shelley!
I am happy that John was able to come home for a bit and Thank God for Abbi and her sweetness!
I hope tomorrow is better too!

Jeni said...

Just heard Ann H. speak today that all days are not Rainbow days but HE'S still there....sounds like you figured that out! Glad you can cry and get it out!! I think my family thinks all I do is cry! lol You're such a GREAT mom and I hate INSURANCE STUFF...we're going through it with a bite guard for Grace soon...blah! lol

Cinnamon said...

What an awful day that I'm sure I've lived over and over at one point in my life :-)

side note-- my husband is a "JOHN" too :-)

Back to comment :-) Here's a big HUG! Did you ever find your cat?

I was just thinking today that the Lord allows difficult times for me to come to Him, say that scripture He's been working into my life and trust HIM more. That did make my hard situation a bit more bearable :-)

Thanks for stopping by our blog~ You have a beautiful family~ Cinnamon

Mom of Many said...

Awww, sorry you had such a stressful day. Don't you wish it would just come in small doses, rather than one big heap? I've never heard that saying before, but I love it and will definitely have to remember it!