Saturday, October 9, 2010

Birthdays and a Band

Both of my boys birthdays fall in the month of October. So, today we celebrated with family. Abbi and I made the cake last nite before going to bed. Shane, who is going to be 6 on Monday, asked for a Halloween cake. He had us running all over town looking for Halloween sprinkles. Ya think this time of year that would be easy to find??

Abbi making orange frosting
to pipe the names on the cake.

Our fininshed "Halloween Cake" with flying ghosts and Halloween sprinkles
and spooky writing.

Shane enjoying his birthday cake and ice cream.

Cullen enjoying his 1 yr old cake with his hands. He didn't do to much damage. I have seen worse!!

My friend down the street hired our local high school marching band to play. It was the big game day here, Michigan vs Michigan State!! So they played the respective schools fight songs. It was fun and the kids loved it. Brady kept clapping. Don't ask me who won the game??

It was a beautiful day and fun with family. I hope everyone had a happy and blessed weekend.


Kim - A Creative Spirit said...

Happy Birthday to both your little angels.

Welcome To My Kitchen said...

Hi Shelly. Thanks for visiting my kitchen. hope you come back soon.