Thursday, October 7, 2010

Too Much Fun for a Thursday!!

Yes, it is Thursday and I went out for the evening. After working all day and having a totally bad week...I needed it!!

Usually, Pay Day Thursday is Couponing Thursday with my friend, Lianne. Well, coupons got put aside (kinda) and we headed out to dinner.

It was a long day, that looked like this:

Worked 7-3:30

Picked up Abbi from Girl Scouts at 4:15 to get to swim at 5:15

Lianne picks us up at 5:00 for our girls to go to swim lessons

Lianne and I run while girls swim

Sidenote: We are on 7th week, 3 rd day of Couch to 5K !! Whoo Hoo to us!! It is beating our butt. We ran for 25 minutes with just a few stops here and there.

Then leave the YMCA, drop us at home, kiss kids, take a shower and wait for Lianne to pick me up.
Lianne picks me up at 7 ish and we have a good dinner at Applebee's and laugh, laugh, laugh (I so needed that, dealing with some depression issues).

Yay Smiley Happy Dance Pictures, Images and Photos

Then hit the Kroger for the Mega Sale. And I hit it hard!! I spent $47 and this is what I got:
10 boxes of Capri Sun Water $1.49
Ritz Crackers x 2 $1.50 with coupon
Duncan Hines Cake MIx x 2 $1 each
Sausage Gravy Mix x 4 $2
Teddy Grahams x 2 $2
Eggos x 4 $1.49 each
2 L Coke products .79 cents each
10 Lunchables $1 each
Vit D Milk $1.99
Not bad, for just a drive-by.

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stefani said...

Congrats on your 7th week of training for the Couch to 5k. I always thought I would like to do that and even printed out the training info. One of these days I will get my rear in gear for that. :-)

As for coupons. I so need to learn the ropes.

Thanks for following my blog. :-)