Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mom 2 Mom Sale

Today, my friend and I (and my daughter too) went to a Mom to Mom Sale to sell our goods. For those of you who unfortunately live in an area without these types of sales, you are missing out!! I will explain. A Mom to Mom Sale is a sale of all things kids. That is clothes, toys, shoes, outerwear, bedding, books, any and everything related to bringing up your kiddos. I forgot, there is also: strollers, cribs, car seats, play equipments, big toys, jumpers, carriers and the like.

This is a view of where we were selling our stuff today.

I bought this for $7 (from Lianne)!!

The is the Big Ticket Room. Strollers, high chairs, swings, toys and everything else in between was in there.

Abbi made her very own homemade crayons. She sold quite a few.

Abbi's homemade crayons in pink. She is taking orders for the holiday season, ha ha!!

We are on to our next Mom to Mom sale next weekend, since this one was pretty blah!! Next week should be better and Abbi is going to be making more crayons. Have a great weekend.

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Christy said...

Following you back! I just participated in a Mom consignment sale. Lots of work!
Thanks for visiting Raising Knights!