Sunday, October 24, 2010

I did it....

I have been running this Couch to 5K program for the last 9.3 weeks. This week my friend and I completed the program, all 9.3 weeks of it. Boy, was it hard. And today was the day I actually hit the 5k mark, 3.1 miles! Yeah, there were a few stops here and there, but I did it!! The time is atrocious, but that will get better!!

You can check out the whole program at the Couch to 5k site. It totally helps to have a friend running with you and cheering (or laughing) you on. Our next goal is a 5K race, hopefully soon. I have to convince the BFF, she isn't quite sold on it yet. But, I told her there are cool t-shirts involved. We will see??

I have my cool app on my iPhone that lets me know when to run and when to walk (or fall down!!). I love, love, love this app.

Then I came home from the Y and the "Princess" and I baked some banana nut bread. Glad I ran this morning :)

Hope your weekend was great!!


Melanie said...

Awesome! Keep it going! I started running this past January and will do my first Half in November!

It is such a thrill to physically accomplish a goal.

Jenn said...

Great job! I am a visitor from Follow Me Chicadee. I ran my first 5K this year and man it was tough. So glad I did it though. I'm going to try to run a 5K once a year :-) Cheers! Jenn from

GeorgiaBE said...

good for you! I've done this program...then had to stop running due to I'm back on the program!