Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another Successful Mom 2 Mom Sale

Guess where I was this morning?? That's right, my favorite place to be on an early Saturday morning, Mom to MOming!! I brought $20 today (I was on a budget) and found some good deals!! This is the low down on my shopping day:

4 pairs of shorts for Cullen

10 shirts for Brady

skirt for Brady

4 pairs of shorts for Brady

2 3T sleepers for Brady

all for $18 (I had to pay $2 to get in)

Oh, and Abbi bought 3 Junie B. Jones books for $3.

All in all, a good day!!

And this little face greeted me when I got home. Awwwww!


Jeni said...

THAT IS AWESOME...$$$ spent well! I went to the mall a few weeks ago to challenge myself to find some "deals" for myself under $5...and I did! I did buy a splurge for $12 haha way to go!! and WHAT A CUTE FACE INDEED!! oh honey!

Mountain Mama said...

I am quite jealous of your mom to momING. What great deals you are finding.

That little face that greeted you - let's just say.... yummy cute!!