Monday, March 8, 2010

Science Projects and Pigtails

My two oldest children just finished their Science Projects for the year. Abbi (9) made homemade laundry soap and compared it to store bought laundry soap and how well it cleans stains. The homemade worked better!! Shane (5) made homemade glue with milk, vinegar, and baking soda. Didn't stick so well. So I just wanted to share a few picks of them and their projects. Such a proud momma!! Oh, and here is a picture of Brady (2) with pigtails. She actually let us put in piggy tails and she kept them in for a little bit. Hope everyone is having a wonderful MOnday!!??

Brady in pigtails.

Shane's latest drawing-Frankenstein and a robot??


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! It is such a joy to see their young minds at work :-)



LLJ said...

Great job, Abbi and Shane! Cute piggies, Brady!


Mom of Many said...

She's so pretty!! I love pigtails. I just can't do them very well. What great science fair projects too! I don't like to see that time of year roll around. I'm not good in science. Hubby has to handle that department. Thank you so much for stopping by my place today. I'm not sure if they checked my hemoglobin or not. They did warn me about becoming anemic, but never said I was. I'm suppose to follow up w/ my ob/gyn, but honestly, I just don't want to go back to him, after his head nurse told me this was normal.

SnoWhite {Finding Joy in My Kitchen} said...

thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog, and for leaving me a link to yours. It's always encouraging to connect with readers :)

Your kids are precious -- and I had to comment on the science fair post because I am a scientist! I love seeing young kids excited about science :)