Sunday, March 14, 2010

I "heart" MOM to MOM sales

So, saturday morning bright and early I was up heading to my MOM to MOM sale. Ahhh, the thrill of the good deal got me up early that morning!! I pick up my friend, with eldest daughter in tow and head about 35 minutes south of my home. We got there early so we got to wait inside and out of the rain. Let me preface this story with the fact that this was a 100+ table sale and it was SOLD OUT!! Whooo Hooo let me in, let me in. The clock couldn't move fast enough to strike 9:00 am. It finally did, and people were running (ok I am not that bad)!! So, anyway the first table I hit was a awesome deal. I bought 5 summer dresses for $10 for Abbi (9 yrs old), three of which were hand made and in mint condition. Deal #2 new sandals and sneakers for Brady(2 yr girl) at the next table for a $1 each. Whooo Hoo, I am getting really excited. Next table is a... wait for it... $0.50 table and I hit it HARD!!! I think I got all of Cullen's (5 month dude) summer attire. I just sure hope it fits by then. I spent $10 and got like 15 shirts and about 10 shorts, whoo hoo! All in all, I spent about $50, and also got a bumbo for Cullen, a 12 volume hard cover book set of the Disney Princesses ($6) for a birthday gift and a pair of cute sandals for Cullen $1.
Abbi in her "new" dress

Cullen enjoying his new seat.


LLJ said...

Congrats on your great deals!


Shelley said...

Hope your eye is doing better.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you were able to get really good deals and had a good time in the process :)



*Michigan Momma* said...

Man, I *NEED* to get myself to one of these sales......someday~

Great deals ~ glad you had a good day!!