Friday, March 12, 2010

Something to Chew On

Last night I attended a benefit dinner for our local Pregnancy Care Center. I came away with some things I didn't really consider before. Before I was a Christian, I was pro-choice. Since becoming a Christian my views have changed on a lot of things and on this topic. My eyes were opened even further last night!! I am PRO-LIFE and I will stand firm in this choice. They had a wonderful and thought-provoking speaker last night that made the audience look at some things pretty hard. Here are some facts that I didn't know or consider before last night:
- Abortion is the #1 elective surgery in the US
- Breast cancer is 4-7 times more possible if you had an abortion
- 1 of every 3 African American babies are aborted.
- Abortion is legal for all 9 months in every state in the US!!!

There is also hope!
-83% of mothers who have a ultrasound while considering abortion, continue the pregnancy
-there are centers like this one throughout the US that are God loving people that provide help and hope to confused men and women.

The speaker really made me think about something I really never thought about. That every child that was aborted in this nation, that God had a plan for them and who are we to play God and extinguish that life. WOW!! What if that child had the cure for cancer, AIDS, Alzheimers?? What did we just do to eliminate that dream and that hope??

Every child is a blessing not only to its parents, but to God. I will continue to pray for these women that decide that abortion is their only choice. I will pray that these needless killings will end.

I just wanted to share something that is on my heart. The verse that encompassed this years benefit was this: "Nothing in All Creation is Hidden From God's Sight" Hebrews 4:13a

Life is Beautiful! Praise God!

Ultrasound of 12 week old twins


LLJ said...

I was practically crying the whole night! My heart grieves for all the babies being killed and all the mammas that are without those babies and grieving them.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that the Lord showed you the truth! And also myself...I was also a pro-choice until the truth of the Lord showed me otherwise!



Shelley said...

Amen Maria!!

Andrea said...

Dear Shelley, thank you for sharing these truthful words! Your heart for babies beats so clearly!

Abortion is abhored by God. I do not understand how anyone could believe a precious little fetus is not life.

Again, thank you for sharing and caring.

Much love, and many blessings,


Cinnamon said...

Hi Shelley, Thanks for your sweet comment on our blog. I completely agree with you about being PRO-LIFE. My heart grieves when I think about how many babies are slaughtered daily just because the pregnancy was "inconvenient" :-0 Heartbreaking!


tina said...

Wow! That was an eye-opener! Thanks for sharing your heart on this! Every life is precious to God. It's so crazy how much technology has come in 3 years-- when I had my son! Now, it is as if 3D and 4D pictures of babies in the womb are the norm!

I was reading a few years ago regarding the effects of women and abortions and just seeing the baby on the screen can change a hesitant mother's heart. I had the unfortunate conversation with a friend who is a non-believer before she decided abortion was the only way out. The father was in denial and she had no idea what to do. She had an appt with a clinic to see if the baby was really real. I even made a point to go with her an hour away. Sadly, it didn't end as I was hoping. Thankfully, we are still friends today. I pray one day, she will come to know God and realize His true love for her in conjunction with his grace and mercy over such an act.