Friday, March 19, 2010

Signs of Spring

Abbi and Shane on their bikes. First ride of the spring.

Tulips are starting to poke through.
Friends talking through the mail slot.

Brady trying to talk to Abby (neighbor) through the mail slot.

Neighbors opening the window for a conversation.

Brady discovering pine cones in her car.

Shane on his bike.

Abbi enjoying the nice weather.

Cullen taking his first ride in the stroller on such a beautiful day!!
Hope everyone was enjoying their day today. God Bless everyone and praise God for the awesome day with family today.
:) Shelley


LLJ said...

Hasn't this week been wonderful?!
I have loved every minute of this warm sunshine!

Love the pics!


*Michigan Momma* said...

Luv the pics!!

Abbi said...

I clicked over here from a comment you made on Money Saving Mom. I had to stop and comment when I saw your daughter's name is spelled like mine (Abbi). It isn't very often that I see that.

It looks like you have been having a fun start of Spring. Our family (with 4 kids too) has been enjoying it greatly as well!

God Bless! Abbi