Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bad Day

That is what I felt like today!! No matter what I said to the kids today, I didn't feel like the microphone was on and I needed the megaphone!!

I rushed to pickup the kids from school after working 8 hours at my job. Get home to stinky kids and some light laundry. Husband and kids were napping and the little ones must have woke up before him. The hubbs didn't sleep well and needed some sleep so I wrestled up the littles and tried to keep everyone quiet so the hubby could get some sleep before church tonite. Yeah right. Threw a load of laundry in, cleaned up bathroom, yelled at Shane for the millionth time to unpack his backpack and get ready for Tae Kwon Do, started dinner, changed 2 nasty diapers, yelled at both older kids for messy room for millionth time while trying to let the hubby sleep.

Let me preface this story with tonight's agenda:
Shane: Tae Kwon Do 6:30-7:15
Church: Abbi Choir practice at 6 pm
Eat dinner before that??
Get Shane from Tae Kwon Do to church and Abbi to church after Shane is dropped off, oh and JOhn is bringing other kids to church with him too. Whew!!

I stayed home with the two youngest. We just started Wednesday nights at our new church and haven't quite figured out what programs they have for who yet.

I clean up from dinner. Get both the little ones in the tub together. First, I put Cullen in and while I am trying to get Brady undressed Cullen keeps throwing himself out of the tub. She decided to poop as I am getting her diaper off, thanks!! I wipe her off and put Cullen back in the tub for the millionth time and get them both washed. Cullen comes out first and I leave Brady in the shower to rinse her hair (she is 2.5 and is capable at this point). I get Cullen in his crib and I come back to poop in the tub!!! Really? Really? Ugghhhh! I get her out, clean up poop. Clean her up again. She says Cullen did it? Hmmm?
I then put them both to bed and sit down and just cry. This has been a crap afternoon, no pun intended. I believe my monthly visitor is coming soon and the hormones are raging!!

I decided to start a fire and turn on Christmas music and whip out my Christmas M & M's. Ahhhh, that's better.

Then, I just sit in the tranquility of a fire. Ahhhh. Thank you God! Then the hubbs come to my rescue with my all time favorite, Diet Coke and some other goodies. Gosh, I love that man!!
Hope your night is going well.


Wendy said...

Thanks for following! I am following you, as well. Have a Merry Christmas!

djpr said...

Wow, once again I'm thankful I only had one little bit and that she's now 18! Hope you enjoyed the rest, I can't imagine doing all this in a single day!

Following you through Relax and Surf Sunday, hope you have an incredible day!

<3 Donna