Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Well, the Blizzard 2011 is here!!  They are reporting anywhere from 7-10 inches accumulation, I think it is more.  We live off of Lake Huron, so we get alot of lake effect snow and this storm had a northeast wind, so it was a blowing!  No school today and none tomorrow.  My work was even cancelled today, but I am going back tomorrow, blah!  Here are some pics of the weather from my home.

The view from my kitchen into the neighbor's driveway and down the street.

The view from my front door across to my neighbors.  The snow was just blowing!!

Oh, and this cute little guy eating his lunch.  Can you tell?  It is all over his face. Total cuteness.

No power loss to report, whoo hoo!!  I hope everyone is safe and warm.  Be safe while driving and enjoy the snow. God Bless


divine said...

Hello dear,

Thanks for following Divine Chronicles (formerly Sweet Life) and I am returning the love.

Keep the great posts coming :-)

Anonymous said...

Ugh.... I use to live in NW Indiana and I DEF do not miss that snow.

Be careful and stay toasty!

kari jasus said...

thanks for the follow. this is me following you back
kari over at glory revealed...

LLJ said...

: )

Thankfully we are having a pretty day today after all that snow.

I don't know how to help with the bread as I am a novice. Go to Breadbeckers to get lots of information on making bread.
I know I had bread failures for having old yeast. I am not sure if that was your issue or not. I know whole wheat from the store is very heavy so maybe that is why.

I hope your day at work was a good one.


HayleyK said...

Hey I know you are a busy mama, but I am doing a series of blog guest posts about being a mom, moms around the world and are we all the same way raising kids. You could just write about how life was when you were a kid with you mom, and now that you are the mom, how do you raise him, did you do it like your mom did. What are the rules, the traditions and values you teach, etc. Let me know.

Cathy Kennedy said... the pics. After looking over your blog, I decided to pass a blog award to you. Please venture over to my blog to claim it!