Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Inside Out

This song struck a chord with me tonite.  Feeling a little deflated and helpless.  Praying for a friends health who is recently diagnosed with cancer for the 2nd time.  He had surgery on Sunday and I am still waiting to hear how it went.  Please pray for Erik and healing for him and his family.
Hit a little snag with the Shoes for Haiti mission, but I am praying for God to make a way for the people to get the shoes they need.  Please pray for help.  Help from anywhere. Help from everywhere.  Help to help the helpless.  I know God's hands are all over this, so I just need to be patient....and wait.  This is all to give Him the praise and glory!! We are so blessed and we sometimes need to step outside of our comfort zone and see that it is not all about us.  Jesus didn't come here to be served but to serve, so let's get uncomfortable and serve.  Serve our fellow brothers and sisters that cannot serve themselves.  As Christians, isn't that what we are called to do?

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Katina said...

I love that song! THanks! Thank you also for visiting me over at Peaceful Divas! Following you back!