Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Woman of Noble Character Challenge Week #2

Week 2: Proverbs 31:13-15 Do you plan and prepare for the day? Do you start the day with a quiet time with the Lord? Are you ready to meet the challenges of the day? Write a post about how you set aside time to plan and prepare for yourself and your family everyday. Whether it be meal planning, scheduling, grocery lists, chores, or what you do to make sure you have time for Bible study and prayer with God

Every morning before work, I would leave about 30-40 minutes early to go sit by the water.  We live by Lake Huron, by the Blue Water Bridge.  I would park my car at the Edison Parkway just before sunrise and read my bible and devotional for the day.  I would take a picture of that day's sunrise and attach a scripture verse that I had read that morning and post it on Facebook. This was my TAWG (time alone with God) and I loved it, I needed it, I basked in it.  Then why do I no longer set aside this time??
Why? Hmmm!
I seem to let my life dictate and not God.  I let me plan the day and not God.  Staying up late blogging and being on the computer, caused me to sleep in and not get up that extra hour early.
Why is it so easy to stray off of God's path?  Why is it so easy to press the snooze button 10 times before getting my bum out of bed, when I could of been in the Word?

Satan can so easily creep in our lives and keep us from knowing God's truths, from spending time with our Father.  Satan knows our weaknesses and how to use them against us.  It takes work to rise up against this type of battle, battle against the stronghold of evil.

This is why I must be diligent in my TAWG and relish in this time.  Making sure I know what comes first in my life...God!  Then I should be giving that time to Him and only Him, not the computer or the snooze button.

This has been on my heart lately and bothering me about my lack of time spent with Him.  So, perfect timing!!

The sunrise while having my TAWG

"he refreshes my soul.  He guides me along the right paths for his name's sake."  Psalm 23:3

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path." Psalm 119:105


Lynda said...

What a beautiful photo. I really enjoyed your honesty. We both have the same issue with going to bed and what is keeping us from our TAWG. Thank you for linking up to the challenge. Have a blessed week, and more TAWG. (Love the abbreviation, will have to use that more if it is alright with you.) =)

shopannies said...

I so know what you mean it is difficult in life to find the balance of everything I am a mom of 6 and grandma to 2 and recently returned to work my life becomes busy but I can not tell you how much harder it would be without my precious TAWG

Lisa said...

that's beautiful. i hate mornings but wish i could get motivated to do more before i had to be at work.

thanks for stopping by my blog. i'm now following you as well.

Julie said...

Sounds heavenly! But, I have to admit, I do things like this too--they straying from good things part. I love your TAWG idea. We all need it, but I love that you combined it with some time to be somewhere you enjoyed being. It's a great idea--to make your TAWG a time for you as well. Makes it a treat. Love it!