Monday, February 14, 2011

Life is Good Award

The Life is Good Award recipient requirements are as follows:

Thank and put a link back to the person who so kindly gave this award.

Share a few things about yourself.

Pass the award onto some other bloggers you deem deserving.

Inform these said bloggers that they have received the award.

I want to thank Cathy at Cathy Kennedy's Blog for this prestigious award, thank you.  Love her blog, cute with favorite songs, tips and prayers for others.

Now, for a few things about me:

I will be 40 this year!! Ugghh.
I am a fan of the Diet Coke.
I love my Kitchen Aid mixer that I got for Christmas, I mean love!!
I love making bread from scratch, but haven't gotten it quite right yet.
I am in love with my iPhone.
God is first in my life.
In dire need of a style makeover, haha.
Just cut off 8 inches of hair to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths program.

Bloggers that deserve this award:

I love her giving spirit.  Sarah and her fellow bloggers are helping out a blogger in need.

I love the ministry of BFM at Cooking up Faith.  She has a A Meal in the Mail Ministry for those going through tough times.  I love her giving spirit.

Lynda at My Heart's Desire has such an inspirational and uplifting blog.  I am participating in A Woman of Noble Character Challenge.

Please stop by and check out all of these blogs.  They have so much to offer and are very inspirational.  God Bless,


Lynda said...

Thank you Shelley! You are so kind to pass this award to me. I will forward it on very soon, and a big Congratulations to you for being recognized. It is well deserved.
Have a wonderful day!

BFM said...

Thank you so much!! :)