Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blog Hop...It's Friday

Thanks for stopping by, and here are a few things about me.  Sit back and stay awhile and have some coffee, hot chocolate or tea.  Thanks for coming.
1.  I am highly addicted to Diet Coke!!
2.  I love, love, love anything pink and polka dotty.
3.  I love to bake, especially bread (but I haven't mastered that yet).
4. I hope to someday be addicted to exercise and eating right.
5.  I am addicted to couponing and when I go to the store without a coupon, I feel naked and uneasy.
6.  I love to cross country ski, but haven't done it yet this year.
7. I go crazy in a Dollar Tree. C'mon everything is a dollar.
8. I am a MOm to Mom sale and garage sale junkie.
9.  I am highly sarcastic.
10. I laugh at inappropriate times.

Join me on hopping around the blogosphere and meeting some new peeps.


Cinnamon said...

Thank you for the list of names. I love getting name suggestions. You listed one name that I forgot I liked....'Greta' who knows maybe hubby will agree :-) We do like Garrison too! Thank you thank you thank you!

How funny I use to be addicted to Diet Pepsi now I rarely drink it.

Fun facts about you, thanks for sharing~ Cinnamon

My Mommymoon said...

Hey there, new follower from the blog hop.Hope you follow back.

Amy @ mommetime said...

thank you for visiting my blog...following you back.

Real Life In A Minute said...

Boy you do have a busy life. I'm likeyou. I like it that way too!

mommatojoa said...

Thank you for the follow! I am following you as well :)