Saturday, November 13, 2010

Britt Nicole in Concert!!

My daughter and I went to see Britt Nicole, Hawk Nelson and John Reuben in the Fly Me To the Show Tour last night. Oh My Goodness!! We had the best time!!

This was totally unexpected and unplanned.

I really wanted to take her to this show and it totally slipped my mind until we were sitting down for dinner last night. I happen to glance at my Facebook and noticed a friend was at the concert with her daughter. This was at 7 pm. The concert started at 7 pm. I happen to mention to the hubby how I wanted to take her to that and I forgot :(

He then says,"GO"!! What, as I look at him with a dazed look. He says, "Just take her and go". I call my friend to see if there are any seats left and I hear the concert starting in the background, she says yes.

We're off! I don't tell Abbi where we are going, shopping at Walmart for something or other.

We pull into the parking lot of the local auditorium and she still is confused cuz Walmart isn't this way. We get inside the theatre, to the ticket window and I finally tell her we are here to see a concert.

Then she starts guessing. I finally have to tell her Britt Nicole. She gets a huge smile on her face.

What concert can a mom and daughter go to and both enjoy?? We were dancing and singing together it was awesome all mixed in with great testimony about how great our God is!!
I am so glad my daughter found Britt Nicole. If you haven't heard of her, you should!! What a positive young woman for our girls to look up to. Not only does she sing about her faith, she is living it. Check her website out.

Our view from the balcony.

Her first concert t-shirt.

Getting a hug from Britt Nicole.

Abbi was so excited and nervous to meet her!!

Abbi's ticket stubs and signed CD cover.

My new favorite song. Listen to the words. I just love her music.

PS You know I am not Ms. Moneybags and I am frugal. So this was an early birthday gift for Abbi. It was so cool to see the dreams of a 9 yr old girl come true on a very special nite all orchestrated by the Lord!!


KatieCan86 said...

Great song!

Thanks for following ! I'm your newest follower :)

The Romantic Type

Frugal Invitation said...

I would love to see Britt Nicole in concert, and I saw Hawk Nelson many years ago when they opened for Kutless. Looks like you had a great mother/daughter outing!

Bonnie said...

The last minute plans always seem to be the funniest! What a great experience for your Abby!