Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Wreath Redo

I found Faith Works: Pier 1 redo and thought this would be a cool teacher gift!! This is a picture of the wreath from Pier 1 for $75!! Wow!! Stephanie over at Faith Works thought she could do a better redo for cheaper, so I thought I would join her and try it too!!

John and the kids starting the project together.
We got all our supplies from the Dollar Tree. Supplies needed: Small straw wreath (they had no bigger ones in stock), 2 9 ft garland (we used one whole garland for the small wreath), a variety of sized red bulbs (we used 2 small and 2 medium with some left over), glue gun and glue sticks and some pretty ribbon. Total from dollar tree about: $10 for about 2 wreaths.

You start with wrapping the garland around your straw wreath and gluing to secure in place every so often. Once, you finish the garland then glue your bulbs, placing different sizes all around the wreath until finished. Then place a pretty bow in place. I love it!

I think it turned out beautiful! I tried to steal this one, but my daughter is taking this one for her teacher.

Wow!! $10 vs $75, I think we did a better job and it cost us less. Thanks Stephanie for the idea.


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