Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cullen's 1st yr photos

I am too cheap to take my kids for professional photos. And I know my kids, they will waste time and money and not be compliant. So, here is attempt at Cullen 1 yr pics. My husband calls me "Shelley Mills" (aka Olan Mills ha ha). Abbi was my Production Assistant and she was not very happy with that title. Oh well, here they are :)


Lianne said...

cute! The second one looks a little like a mug shot, or he's standing in a lineup after his mugshot!! LOL HaHa
Just kiddin, very adorable.

~SALLY~ said...

Oh, he is SO serious...but SO cute too!!! Great pics!

Thanks for the follow...I am here to return the favor!


I heart digi scrapping said...

thanks for visiting my blog.. your children are beautiful. Are you the photographer? Gorgeous pictures. I am a new follower

sara said...

Oh he is just beautiful!! And, you did a fantastic job! Now days with the digital camera's and being able to order pictures online or print them yourself, who needs those professionals! Anyway, they charge an arm and a leg!! School pictures are ridiculous also. Especially multiplied by 5 (our school age kids!).

♥Yaya's Mommy ♥ said...

What a doll.
I am your newest follower form FMBT. Have a great day. Sorry a bit late.

LLJ said...