Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Mom to Mom Sale finds...just a few

These are the few deals Abbi and I found today at the Mom to Mom sale. Abbi had her heart set on these boots. She bought them with her own money.
They were brand new and priced at $5 and Abbi offered $3 and Abbi got a new pair of boots. Not bad!!

We found this dress for Christmas for Abbi. Priced for $5, got it for $3!

Brady got a pair of boots to match her sisters for $2. You can't really see them in the picture, but you just have to see Brady's daily attire. This is how she rolls!!

My little man hanging out with me while momma is on the computer.

Shane telling me a really intense story about Thomas the Train blowing up?? It was really intense though.

Just a Saturday around the house. Now we are off to the nature trail to take some pics of the kiddos for the Christmas Card and Shane's 6 yr old pics. Have a great weekend.


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Awesome pics of your kids. Love your girls frugalness!!!! Just got my 13 year old loving a certain consignment shop because for her it is all about the label name. LOL

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