Monday, May 31, 2010

A Busy Weekend

We had a pretty busy holiday weekend around here. Saturday, we started off with some garage sales. Me and Abbi and Shane went to a few garage sales looking for home schooling items, but came up with these treasures.

As you can see, I got 42 Huggies diapers size 6 for $4!! I liked that deal!
Garage sale #2: I found these 5 books for $0.50. Loving it!!

Then home to deal with this mess!! This is all of Brady's clothes, summer and winter and I needed to sort!! I spent the whole afternoon sorting through this mess!

Abbi and her friend decided to have a Lemonade stand to raise money for children in Haiti. Can you see the sign Abbi made for the sale? They raised about $17.50 in about 4 hours. Bless her heart, she has such a tender heart!!

Sunday~ We were invited to my friends for a cookout and some swimming. Boy, did we have a good time. Her pool was 92 degrees!! The kids swam all day and Cullen had his first swim ever, ahhh! We had some awesome food and we all came home a little tired and red.

Monday morning started off with Shane, Abbi and I bike riding to the bridge, beach and park. We had breakfast at the park.

Shane with a mouthful and the freighters passing by.

Abbi striking a pose by the freighters.

Abbi just getting out from a swim. I love the sky in this picture.

Freighters were passing by as the kids swam and I read the bible and devotionals on my Blackberry (I love that thing), I can take the bible the beach!!
Shane finding a seashell he was proud of and Abbi swimming in the background. The water was cold!!

Monday afternoon it was sweltering hot. So we set up the kiddie pool for Brady and she had a blast!!
Abbi chilling by the kiddie pool.

Cullen getting smooches from his Papa.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend with family and friends. The Lord has truly blessed us with terrific people in our lives and a wonderful family. God Bless and I hope you have a great week.



Jeni said...

What lovely photos....You are such a GREAT mom Shelley! you are making so many great memories for your kids and you truly love God's creation!! love your post!

Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

Oh how I love those pictures. What adorable kids you have. Looks like you guys had a really great holiday weekend!

stephanie@{Olive Tree} said...

What a great deal on the diapers ... and how fun to have a beach so close. : ) My girls would love that!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting the other day!

Abbi said...

Looks like you have been having fun!
THat is so neat that Abbi is raising money for Haiti. I always love it when my kids want to do something for the less fortunate they hear about.

Melissa said...

Books are some of my favorite finds! I figure for a quarter, you can't go wrong. That's probably even cheaper than gas to the library! And just FYI, the ice cream maker I had on my Top Ten {Tuesday} list came from Goodwill. The thing I like about GW is that you can return things for an in-store credit. So even though I plugged it in and tested it at the store, I knew that if there was a big problem, I could return it. I haven't typically bought appliances at the thrift store. But the right brand at the right price made me smile!

Tightwad In Training said...

it looks like you guys stayed busy! :)You have beautiful children! :)