Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Good Deals

This morning, Abbi and I ventured off to a sub garage sale in a big subdivision!! I had strict orders from the hubby to only buy things for our Homeschooling area. He meant desks, chairs, dry erase boards and those plastic work boxes on rollers. Well, I couldn't find any of those items, so I got derailed a little. Here are my finds. All in all, I only spent $5 of the $30 he gave me. So, I thought the excursion was well worth it!!

All the books in the pictures I bought for 0.25 cents a piece. I love this bible book, it will be great for Brady and keeping her busy.

I love how the story of Jonah just pops out at you, and you can even see Jonah inside the whale's mouth.

Those were a few workbooks for Shane.

I thought of you Leanne and Kathi when I found this book for 25 cents!!

Another great find for 25 cents. Whoo Hoo!
A pop-up book for Brady and Cullen.

Some great board books for Brady.
Abbi found tons of scrap fabric for $2. Enough to make a few skirts or some cute bags.

Oh, and this is my pitiful broken purse. So, I was in need of a cheap summer purse. I am in no way a purse diva, I just buy em when I need em.
New summer purse. I love it. I negotiated it down from $2 to a buck!! Love it!!

Well, that was my day of bargains. I could of done a lot more damage, but I restrained myself!! Have a blessed weekend.
Shelley :)


Shelley said...

nice mom!

LLJ said...

: )
that is exactly how I got started with my homeschool library - at garage sales! Be careful, you should see my bookshelves now! lol