Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Meal Plan 05.17.2010

Well, it is another week of meal planning. Here is our planned menu for the week of 05.17.2010.

Monday: Cheesy rice and chicken bake with crescent rolls (I made a few additions)

Tuesday: Baked Veggie Sandwich and fries (made the dough tonite 5.17.2010)
Wednesday: Turkey tacos and spanish rice
Thursday: Corn dog muffins and fries
Friday: Left overs or cereal night
Saturday: (Hubby's birthday) Grilled chicken and potatoes or maybe out on the town??
Sunday: Homemade mac and cheese and broccoli

Tomorrow my son, Shane is having two baby teeth extracted. He has an extra baby tooth coming in between his front two teeth. He is five and is a little nervous!! Any prayers for him and the dentist would be greatly appreciated :) Thank you and God bless.

Have a great week and happy cooking :)
Shelley :)

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