Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fun In The Sun (and water too)!!

Well, today it reached into the mid 80's and our little swimming pool isn't up yet. So, the kids asked to get out the sprinkler. And that's what they did!! Here are some pics of our afternoon of water fun.

Brady testing out the waters.
Shane feeling the cold water.

Brady liking big sister, Abbi to carry her thru the sprinkler.

My handsome little gentleman.

My beautiful young lady.

The charmer, with his big cheeks. Can you see the two bottom teeth?? He is getting two more on top.
What a fun afternoon after being cooped up at work all day. Thank you Lord for my fun and beautiful blessings.
Shelley :)

1 comment:

LLJ said...

they are beautiful blessings!!!! : )
It was so perfect yesterday for playing in the water!