Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pulling Teeth

Shane, my five year old had to have some baby teeth extracted. He had an extra baby tooth growing in between his front two teeth. So, today I had to take him to the pediatric dentist and have them extracted. So, I had to wait in the waiting room!! He came out of the room with red eyes and big tears and blood stained gauze peeking out from his lips. My poor baby!! I felt so bad for him and I tried to uplift him with some praise of how well he did. He cried the whole way home, and we layed in my bed together for a few minutes....then he started jumping on the bed and chasing his sister. The worst was over and he was back to Shane! Another fun filled day at my house.

Post extraction.

The two teeth in his treasure chest :)

Shelley :)

1 comment:

LLJ said...

Oh, I love how you described this!
Poor guy! I would have been really upset too!
Kids just can flip a switch sometimes and go from one emotion to the next.
Well, I guess I do that too! lol!