Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Day In My Life (Well, at least a couple of hours)

The Bleeding Hearts are in bloom.

My purple flowers are pretty (name of these?)

My little man, Cullen

Fresh Lilacs from my hubby.

Apples for the apple pie for tonite.

Quiche for dinner.

Abbi running after Brady.

Shane in his truck.

Abbi's latest painting.

Tico the cat resting.
Cullen sporting the Detroit Tigers ballcap.
Hope everyone is having a great week. God bless.
Shelley :)


Anonymous said...


Your home always looks so happy :)

I am absolutely fine. Just DO NOT feel like blogging right now (I go through this every few months), and to be even more honest, we thought we were possibly moving to FL, and now we are not, and I have been throwing myself a pity party for a week. BooHoo. I will be done soon.

You can always email me at mommy24baileys at gmail dot com

*Michigan Momma* said...


Thanks for all the pics - I love seeing other Momma's days and all the cute moments! We have some bleeding hearts and those purple flowers too! Someday, I'm gonna get a lilac bush and put it outside my bedroom window - the smell is fantastic!

Cutie Cullen, too~