Monday, May 10, 2010

Wonderful Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day thanks to my awesome family!! My day started off with breakfast in bed prepared by Abbi and Shane. Hubby was sleeping next to me (he didn't get home til 5am, he had to pick up his parents from the airport and they were coming back from a trip to Ireland, whew!). Anyway, my beautiful oldest kids made me a yummy egg sandwich with veggie sausage and cheese with fresh strawberries and of course, a Diet Coke. Next, I received an abundance of homemade cards from my kiddos, that brought tears to my eyes.

(Do you see how huge I am in Shane's card?? That didn't bring tears to my eyes, I just laughed at how sweetly honest little ones can be!!)

Next, we got up and went to my in laws to have an awesome brunch. The men cooked an awesome breakfast with all the trimmings. Then me and the girls ventured outside for some fun by the pond. Shane stayed in and played with all of John's old Legos, he had a blast!! There were tons of tadpoles in the pond and a few ended up coming home with us!! I love being out there, it is sooo peaceful!! I also received a pair of sapphire celtic earrings from my inlaws and the boys got celtic crosses and the girls got claddaugh rings. It was a wonderful day!!

Abbi and Brady catching tadpoles. Tons of tadpoles.

This is where John and I were married almost 14 years ago. (My in-laws house)


I hope everyone had a Blessed day with family. Much love.
Shelley :)


Michiganmommyx4 said...

Awww Shelley Brought a tear to my eyes, you have a beautiful family, and how sweet of the kids to make you breakfast in bed, and all the other goodies too ♥
It is amazing how much they just want to please us and have our approval....Being a Mom really is a blessing. Im ghlad you had a great day ♥

Anonymous said...

You had a WONDERFUL day :) So did I.

Hope your week is just as good!

...LOVE Abbi's braids :)

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you'd like to do a Good Morning Girls email group?

Let me know!

LLJ said...

Hi, Shelley!
I love that card Shane made! I saw the one that Aiden made for Vicky and it made me laugh so hard too! She was 29 years old! haha! I think Shane has you as 10? Love it!
I love all your pictures! Wow, that is A LOT of tadpoles! Was it at the place we cross country skied?
I love the picture of your sweet baby!! Too precious!
I plan to join Kathi's group, so I hope you do too! : )


Mountain Mama said...

So sweet!
Happy Mothers Day - a bit late!