Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E is for Eating Out and Everlasting God

We went out to dinner tonite.  We never go out to dinner.  But, there was an unbeatable deal on some really good pizza at a really good restaurant, so we thought we would try it.  I called the BFF and asked her and her fam to join us and she did.  The kids got a small dissertation on how they should behave and the consequences that would follow if misbehaving happened while dining.  I got to sit next to this little man.  He had a great time.  Eating oyster crackers and drawing and sometimes eating his crayons.

How can you resist this face??

Abbi loving her pizza.
Lianne saying something??

Abbi and Emily in deep conversation.

We had a great time and the kids behaved very well.  We might have to go again.   Another triumph with the kiddos.


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Sweet pictures! We don't get out much either, mostly due to our unruly children. Yours seemed to do great! :)

Lianne said...

Thanks again to my BFF and her family!

Keena said...

glad to got to enjoy a night out. We went out too. It was my hubby's birthday so we had a night out watching a local tennis match and then going to dinner

Tobi@SimplyJesus said...

Cute kids! And I love the song,just what I needed tonight. Blessing to you and your cute family. :)