Saturday, April 23, 2011

This Week's Savings

Well, it was another good haul at Meijer. WhoooHooo!!
Meijer:  Total spent $101.80 Total saved $84.70 which includes 2 free gallons of milk, 2 free dozens of eggs and 1 free lb of strawberries.

Walgreens:  Spent $3.17 on 2 bags of M & M's and 3 rolls of Scotch Magic Tape

That is about it for the week since I stocked up on chicken last week.  99 cent deals start this week at Meijer so I may have to stock up again. 

What did you find this week?

Happy Easter and God Bless.

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Nicole said...

I haven't celebrated Easter much in a few years and I try not to consume too much candy but I have been working on improving my saving habits this year and that is going along smoothly.

By the looks of your shopping cart though, I wouldn't mind stopping by for a quick movie night! LOL

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