Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Day 2011

We had a fun-filled Easter Day at our house today.  This is what the kids Easter baskets looked like this morning.  My husband wrote out a schedule the night before of how the day was going to go (this is so unlike him), but it was very nice.  And, I kept saying, "Refer to the schedule."  when they asked if they could do this or that.

Abbi with her overexaggerated look for her bubbles.  She loved her basket.  She loves blowing bubbles with Brady and Cullen, so I got her a bottle for herself.  She got colored pens, a sleeping mask, pencils, girly note pages, Easter socks, sidewalk chalk, candy and wildflower mix for her garden.

Cullen loved his Easter rubber ducky complete with blue ears and a bunny tail.  He got a spiderman bowl and plate, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, sunglasses with froggies, stuffed animal PetCake and a squishy bee.

Oh, the princess, Brady.  In full attire you see.  Loved her basket too.  Raccoon PetCake, butterfly sidewalk chalk, bubbles, sunglasses, elegant white gloves, a strawberry shortcake ring, and Dora pencils.

Shane loved his goodies too.  He got his panda PetCake, pencils, Lightning McQueen activity book, easy readers about bugs (that I found out he doesn't like anymore, mom he says they creep me out!!), bubbles, sidewalk chalk with a holder, and sponge bob note paper.

Cullen loving his glasses.

Brady with her glasses and her elegant gloves.

Then we had an Easter Egg Hunt on the front lawn (back has dogie land mines).  I hid the eggs this am while the kids looked through their baskets. The rules: No big kids get the eggs on the ground.  Only one golden egg per kid (they had money in them, just a buck). 

Cullen didn't know what to do.  He only ended up with one egg. He just wanted to run around, especially down the street.

Brady did pretty good.  She wanted to open each one as she found them and eat the candy inside.

The kids looking for more eggs.  It didn't take them long to get 37 eggs.

Then we had a beautiful Easter Brunch.  We made a meal in a loaf.  I found this recipe on my Art of Breadmaking DVD from Homestead Blessings (love, love, love them).  It turned out so yummy.  Abbi and daddy made this one.

This is it before it went in the oven.  I didn't get a final picture.  We ate it too fast. 

I had dough left over from the recipe.  So, here is my first perfect loaf.  My other loaves have turned out less than perfect.  So I needed to take a picture and it was just as good as it looks.

Shane being silly with whipped cream.  We had such a nice menu for brunch.  Breakfast loaf, ham, bagels and cream cheese, lemon poppy seed muffins, blueberry muffins, and strawberry shortcake to top it off.

What an awesome day.  We are so blessed.  Praise Jesus.  He is Risen.


Keena said...

what a lovely day. I am glad that everyone enjoyed it.

Veronica Lee said...

Love the pics!

Happy Easter!

mommymandi said...

Looks like you had an awesome Easter!